• banquet room at The Brooklynite Cocktail Bar

Special Events & Large Parties

Looking to make arrangements for an event or large party (10 or more friends) at The Brooklynite? Contact our event coordination team at 210-444-0707 or to take care of your questions, requests, and bookings.

For larger parties, we recommend booking the private banquet room (pictured left) or our entire venue (see gallery). From movie screenings to blow out parties, we will make your event the one people are buzzing about for ages.

Off-Site Catering

Our bartenders don’t just focus on making incredible drinks but on making long lasting impressions. We offer (fully licensed) off-site cocktail and beverage catering.  We’d love to serve your next party, gala or event. Don’t hesitate to reach out so that we can take care of you!

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