Missionary #4 $8
gin, honeydew & cantaloupe shrub, cucumber, grapefruit

Choose Your Own Adventure $9
your choice of vodka, rum or tequila, orgeat, peach liqueur, lemon, chipotle tincture

Wahine Me A’u $9
cocchi torino, china china amer, falernum, Jamacian rum, lime

Doxycycline $11
tequila, honey, ginger, lemon, mezcal, angostura

Fox Motel $8
bourbon, peach liqueur, sorghum & sassafrass bitters, lemon oil

BKSA Frose $8
toscana rosato, strawberry chamomile gomme, lemon


Cubano $10
gin, cocchi torino, kummel, green chartreuse, pineapple gomme

Whiskey Smash $9
bourbon, lemon, sugar, mint

Hotel Nacional $9
apricot brandy, blended Caribbean white rum, pineapple gomme, lime

Presbyterian $8
blended scotch, house made ginger beer, peychaud’s bitters

Japanese Highball $11
suntory toki, topo chico, lemon

Sazerac $9
rye whiskey, peychaud’s bitters, sugar, lemon oil, absinthe rinse

Corpse Reviver #2 $10
gin, lemon, lillet blanc, curacao



Brooklynite $5
rum, lime, honey, angostura

Daiquiri $5
rum, lime, sugar

Old Fashioned $5
rye, angostura, sugar, orange

Brown Derby $5
bourbon, honey, grapefruit

Beer & Wine

Scrimshaw Pilsner $4
Alamo Golden Ale $3
Zocker Gruner Veltliner $5 GL
Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon $5 GL


Bottled & Canned

Lone Star $4
Dos XX $5
Stella $5
Left Hand Milk Stout $6
Foursquare Pale Ale $7
Real Ale Devil’s Backbone $7
Brooklyn Lager $6
Austin Eastciders Dry Cider $6
Chimay Grand Reserve $20
Lawnmower Kolsch $6
Spaten Optimator $7
Lagunitas Aunt Sally $7
Karbach Hopadillo $5
Founders All Day IPA $6
Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale $6
Weedwacker Hefe $6


Alamo Golden Ale $4
Oskar Blues IPA $7
Scrimshaw Pilsner $7


Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc – California $8 GL
Fantini Farnese Sangiovese – Italy $8 GL
Poema Cava – $8 GL
Poema Rosa – $8 GL

Trefethen Merlo – $55
Cooper and Thief Barrel Aged Red – $45
Gruenhaus Riesling – $60
Arsonist Chardonnay – $50


BKSA Negroni $13
mahon gin, bruto americano, carpano antica

Mas Chingoni $13
reposado tequila, aperol, carpano antica, mezcal

White Negroni $10
gin, suze, lillet blanc

Boulevardier $11
bourbon, campari, cocchi torino

Old Pal $11
rye whiskey, campari, dolin bloanc

Mezcal White Negroni $12
espadin, suze, lillet blanc

Americano $8
campari, dolin rouge, topo chico

Sbagliato $10
campari, dolin rouge, sparkling wine

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